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The Taiji school KAMPFKUNST SIEGEN internal arts has made it its business to make the fascination of Taiji accessible to all.

The authentic teaching of the internal martial arts under expert guidance results in an extremely deep and complete understanding of Yang style Taiji.

Our teaching system takes the student from beginner to advanced level into the real door of the inner martial arts.

We believe that respect and humility play an important role in the learning of all martial arts and are a key to a harmonious life and a benevolent society. We do not participate in competitions, are association independent, and do not require fancy uniforms or training equipment from our members. We focus on teaching the essence of traditional Yang Taiji, exploring each movement and expanding the health benefits.


Our logo was created by our Chief Instructor Jens Klappert in collaboration with a designer in Singapore and is clearly inspired by the Taiji philosophy of yin and yang. Apart from the black and white colors, the brushstroke is meant to add dynamism to the logo and represent the steady flow of energy in Taijiquan.


Chief Instructor

I have been practicing the Chinese martial arts for over 25 years and have been passing them on to interested people for many years, with motivation and joy. In the last 15 years I have trained more than 100 students in Taiji and Qigong. My experience in various Chinese Kung Fu styles, as well as in Yang style Tai Ji and Qi Gong form a good basis for this.

My training in Yang style Taijiquan includes classical learning of form, movement, internal work (Neigong/Qigong), weapon art, as well as Tuishou and Dalu, and also the study of Chinese scriptures in relation to mythology, philosophy and basics of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).


In 2016 I founded

KAMPFKUNST SIEGEN - internal arts

with the background to practice Taiji, to cultivate it, to offer various trainings to participants and to spread the art of Taiji.


I followed and still follow the path of various martial arts masters, nationally as well as internationally and always remain open and inquisitive.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle through traditional Taiji.

Mutual respect through collaborative learning with patience and tolerance.

Personal development and the development of inner balance.


Our goal is to instill skill, respect and humility through the traditional martial art of Taiji based on respect, integrity and commitment.


Traditional Taiji (Taijiquan) focuses on health and personal well-being. It is not widely practiced these days as most Taiji schools prefer to teach only modern forms that are shorter and more graceful in movement. Traditional Taiji, on the other hand, requires much more self-discipline and patience.

Traditional Taiji training is also about your character development. You will learn how important it is to let go and experience the balance in life according to Yin and Yang. By properly practicing the Taiji forms, you can achieve coordination in your breathing and benefit from better blood circulation, calmness, and better energy flow.


Yang Style 85 on a large frame with expansive movements, and Yang Style 37 (according to Zheng Man Ching) on a small frame with more compact movements offers many health benefits, strengthening inner energy as well as martial art skills by practicing regularly.

The execution of the long form takes about 20 minutes, for the short form about 10 minutes.

As a beginner, you will learn a compact form with 10 movements, which you will be able to practice independently after a while.


If you have decided to participate in a course, be sure to contact us in advance by email, WhatsApp or simply call to discuss details and the procedure. We do not offer any walk-in courses, but you can complete a free trial session. There is no training on public holidays or during school holidays.


If you cannot participate at the times offered for job or other reasons, we offer you individual training tutorials at our studio.

We´ll teach you according to your requirements which helps you to achieve faster progress. 

An appointment can be made at any time.

We teach in German, English and Chinese as well.

To check our current training schedule please click here.

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